Mobile shelving storage system :
mobile shelving storage system

Mobile storage system are designed and manufactured by HiTACO depending on customer’s specific requirements or storage space requirements. Our storage system brings many benefits to users, including :

+ Roughly double the storage capacity compared to traditional storage racks
+ High aesthetic;
+ Increased security level;
+ Modular design, flexible, convenient in installation and operation.

Made to order(MTO)

Our factory with a total area of 10.000 m2, well-equipped with modern facilities and machinery systems, together with team of experienced engineers is ready to coordinate with customers, partners for ideas to produce on demands.



Organizing documents, files, records in scientific way, provide fast, convenience to manage, access and storage information; selection of documents archived; sorting out documents to discard expired files in order to improve the efficiency of storage facilities; ensuring the confidentiality of information during operation.


Detailed description of the “Paper documents Management Process” in accordance with Decision 128/QD-VTLTNN dated June 1st, 2009 issued by State Records Management and Archives Department, according to TCVN ISO 9001:2000.


Depending on specific requirements, we will propose corresponding service packages by the following details:

+ Full mode : We receives all the work from the beginning to the final stage then deliver the work process to customers at the end of the operation. Customers play a role in monitoring and managing working quality
+ Expert mode Customers perform their own working processes; We play a role as experts in guiding, inspecting and supervising the quality of the working results.
+ Combine mode : We appoints professional staff, together with customer to participate in the implementation based on the approved document management project.